Thursday, May 5, 2011

Suzanne Lake, May 4th,2011

What a nice Day

Fresh snow

Still a little chilly

Turtles !!!


  1. Fabulous pictures Neti, it looks like a wonderful place to spend some time.

  2. oh so beautiful.. just can't wait two weeks ...camping fishing. Did I hear right you caught the biggest fish again...way to go girl. Love the mountain picture.


  3. What a beautiful lake... can almost TASTE them fishes. Aren't turtles too cute for words? I remember something though, don't they pee on you and it makes blisters? Something I think my big brothers taught me haha!

    Thanks for sharing the pics,
    ♥ SIL

  4. Beautiful Neti, cant wait!!! Just love those turtles!!!

  5. Great pictures Neti! what a difference from your last post of all the fresh snow.
    Glad to see you guys are getting some time on the lakes already.....Corey wishes he could be out there fishing.
    Thanks for stopping by

    Big hugs to you and Uncle Dave!

    Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow