Thursday, May 3, 2012

                                           Yeah !! It looks like Spring is here!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

March Holidays..Part 4

Sand Storm, Navada desert

Salomon Valley..Idaho

A Pass in the Salomon Valley

March Holidays...Part 3

Valley of Fire, Navada

The arches..Valley of Fire

Pictographs..Valley of Fire

Resident of The Valley of Fire

at info center..Valley of Fire

Hover Dam

Hover dam

Navada desert

Joshua tree...Navada desert


                                            Lava flow

March Holidays..Part 2

Ripleys believe it or not,Oregon

Wax museum, Oregon

Under sea aquarium,Oregon

Drive true tree, California

Hwy 299  Pine cones,California
A walk in the Mojabe desert

Pirates in Vegas

More Pirates

Congratulations to Ronea & Nathan

March Holidays, Part 1

Bromley Rock,bc

Fishing the Vedder River

Chilliwack in bloom

Oregon Coast

Tillamook Chees Factory